Less than 100 fuel flasks to go at Oldbury Site

magnox 150The decommissioning of Oldbury nuclear power station has passed another milestone as more than three quarters of the site’s 52,060 fuel elements have now been removed from its two reactors.

Mike Heaton, Oldbury Site Director, said: “After over 44 years of safe electricity generation, Oldbury’s reactors will soon be empty of fuel. We now have less than 100 flask shipments to make until all the fuel is off site.”

Once the fuel is removed from the reactors, it is stored for a number of weeks in cooling ponds on site before being shipped to Sellafield in fuel flasks for reprocessing. Magnox hopes the defuelling process will be complete by early 2016. By dispatching all of the spent fuel from Oldbury, over 99 per cent of the site’s total radioactivity will be removed.

Tim Dunham, Magnox Defuelling Director, added: “The Oldbury team is doing a great job defuelling both the reactors. Retrieving all the spent fuel for reprocessing is a key milestone in the Magnox programme and when complete will allow Oldbury to enter the decommissioning phase of its life cycle.”

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