Capenhurst Nuclear Services LCF contract

CavendishNuclear 200Cavendish Nuclear has been awarded the main contract for Capenhurst Nuclear Services’ (CNS) Legacy Cylinder Facility (LCF).

The LCF, located at the CNS site near Chester in North West England, is required to transfer the contents of legacy cylinders containing uranic materials into compliant vessels. This is in preparation for future deconversion and long-term management.

Under the new contract Cavendish Nuclear, working closely with CNS, will produce a robust and fully underpinned reference design to ensure that the project objectives are met in a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner. Cavendish Nuclear has extensive experience of optioneering to develop innovative and optimised approaches for the construction phase of projects on nuclear sites.

Commenting on the contract award, Cavendish Nuclear Decommissioning Services Director Lynsey Valentine said: “We are delighted and genuinely excited at the prospect of working as a partner to CNS on this project, which we are well placed to take through its complete lifecycle.

“We have deep experience across all tiers of the UK nuclear industry, our tier 1 experience setting us apart with excellent regulator and NDA relationships. Our three premises within a 30 mile radius of the CNS site house over 300 staff many of whom have worked together on similar projects previously. Moreover, we propose to co-locate our LCF team to a location of CNS’s choosing to form a multidisciplinary core team from both Cavendish Nuclear and CNS to ensure that the project objectives are met with optimum efficiency. We will also be working closely with our strong supply chain in the area and specialist suppliers.”

This reference design phase, to be completed in 2016, will be followed by the third and final detailed design and works phase. The LCF is due to be commissioned and fully operational by 2020.