Cavendish Boccard preferred bidder for Hinkley Point C

Cav Boccard 200Cavendish Boccard Nuclear has been selected by EDF Energy as the preferred bidder to deliver the Balance of Nuclear Island (BNI) mechanical erection package in the construction of the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station – set to be the UK’s first new nuclear power station in over 20 years.

 The scope of work for the BNI Mechanical Erection contract for Hinkley Point C is heavily focused on the detailed design, fabrication, installation and testing of extensive pipework systems and their supporting structures, as well as the installation of process equipment such as pump sets, valves and tanks.  Materials cover ferrous, stainless steel and composite piping.  Work will be subject to the signing of contracts and a final investment decision from EDF Energy. 

Each of the two reactors at Hinkley Point C requires the provision of some 110km of piping systems 35,000 supporting arrangements and installation of over 10,000 items of mechanical plant.  This scope is installed into 170 work areas located on many levels within the Nuclear Island.  Critical to the project’s success is the logistics solution that accompanies the installation of such scope on a major construction site with many interfaces.  

There is a firm commitment to use local labour, with training and up-skilling where necessary, and engineering capabilities within the Somerset and South-West UK area. 

In delivering this contract, Cavendish Boccard Nuclear will draw on the very best integration of proven French and UK experience and site management expertise, deploying single point design management, an integrated management system, optimised and fully integrated logistics solution, and proven supply chain, with a collaborative and fully open book culture. 

Cavendish Boccard is a joint venture (JV) between Cavendish Nuclear, the UK’s largest nuclear site manager and engineering support organisation, and Boccard, the French engineering, manufacturing, installation and industrial maintenance specialist.  The JV combines considerable experience and proven expertise from major UK and European construction projects successfully delivered to high levels of safety and quality. 

Cavendish Nuclear brings valuable knowledge and experience as a site licensee (both civil and through its parent company Babcock International Group, naval nuclear sites across the country), and a strong background in mechanical handling and fabrication, as well as proven experience in delivering projects on UK nuclear sites.   

Boccard, which specialises in engineering procurement and construction management (EPCM) of piping systems, has undertaken a similar scope to that being pursued at Hinkley Point on 42 of the French nuclear power fleet, including the current EDF Flamanville 3 EPR build.  Cavendish Boccard Nuclear provides a delivery team drawn from the largest pool of nuclear knowledgeable resource in the UK, with 9000 suitably qualified and experienced personnel (SQEP), including a sizeable proportion drawn from the south-west of England. 

Cavendish Boccard Nuclear Chairman, Roger Hardy, said: “With the breadth and depth of experience and expertise that we have brigaded within our joint Cavendish-Boccard team, we have considerable strengths to offer and meet the demands of this complex nuclear new build project, drawing on the best of both partners and an optimised supply chain, with a seamless process flow and capacity to adapt to change.  We have the people, processes and expertise to deliver to the required quality and schedule, safely and to budget.  We understand the importance of this project, nationally in the UK and strategically for EDF Energy, and look forward to delivering excellent value, helping EDF Energy deliver Hinkley Point C at an affordable cost.“ 

“We are proud of our enduring strength, striving to successfully meet the needs of clients in the Nuclear industry. HPC will be the 48th and 49th reactor of Boccard’s nuclear history. HPC is a great opportunity to combine the best of the French and UK know-how in the nuclear field, and will merge the best of the European industry capabilities to achieve a fantastic industrial plant – the EPR,” said Bruno François Boccard, CBN Director and Chairman of the Board at Boccard. 

Following the announcement of preferred bidder status the initial contract placed with the JV covers a phase of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) which commences immediately and continues for the period to full contract signature.  During this time Cavendish Boccard Nuclear will be working closely with EDF Energy in identifying and building into the project plan a range of features which will enhance the overall BNI project delivery.