Last Magnox reactor closed

The UK’s Magnox reactor programme finally completed its generating phase on 30 December when the final reactor at Wylfa was closed down after 44 years of generating. The other reactor was closed in 2012 and remaining fuel transferred to the other reactor in order to allow it to run for several years longer than originally intended.
Wylfa, on Anglesey, was the last and largest in a fleet of 11 UK plants based on the ground-breaking Magnox design that led to the world’s first-ever industrial-scale nuclear power station, supplying the nation with electricity.
Originally, Wylfa was due to shutdown in 2010 but, through innovative methods, continued to generate for an additional five years. It was made possible by a pioneering method of moving partly used fuel from one reactor to the other – the manufacture of Magnox fuel having ceased in 2008. The Inter-Reactor Fuel Transfer or IRX process required approval from the regulators. It was subsequently recognised and rewarded for its innovation by the Institute of Physics.
The extra years of generation at Wylfa and Oldbury*, in South Gloucestershire, have resulted in an estimated £1 billion additional revenue for the UK taxpayer. This revenue has been used to support decommissioning and clean-up projects.
The shutdown can be viewed on You Tube at