EDF delays Hinkley Point C investment decision again

It had been expected that EDF would make its final investment decision on the proposed new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset today, but it has emerged that the decision has again been postponed. Nuclear Matters understands that concerns about financing the company’s two thirds stake in the project together with last minute discussions over the precise contract details between the investing partners lie behind the delay.

It is not yet known when the company’s board will address the decision, a possible next date would be with its annual results on 16 February, although it could be pushed further out. The company’s share price has fallen recently due to low energy prices, and some analysts have suggested that the amount of money the company requires is greater than its market capitalisation.

However, much of the early ground works have been completed and the company has already invested a very significant amount of money in the project. It would therefore be extremely surprising if it was to be cancelled.