Hinkley Point C grid connection approved

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has approved National Grid’s planning application for the grid lines to connect to the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. While the approval was expected following the granting of permission for the construction of the power station itself the connection had been more controversial locally than the reactors themselves.

As a result the new lines will be underground in some sections and the overground parts will use the new T pylon design which was the result of a competition to find a less visually intrusive pylon structure.

Announcing the award of planning permission, Energy minister Lord Bourne said, “This is a step forward in the Hinkley Point C project, which will play a crucial part in our plan to provide clean, affordable and secure energy for hardworking families and businesses.

“Hinkley represents a major boost for the UK and local economy – powering nearly six million homes and creating more than 25,000 jobs with a significant number for the people of Somerset.”