NDA draft revised strategy consultation

The NDA is consulting on their draft of their revised strategy for UK nuclear decommissioning and they are inviting comments from industry.  The final strategy will be reflected in site plans, so this is the chance to influence various aspects of how they approach their mission. The consultation runs until 15 February and further background information can be found at NDA’s website.

The consultation includes the following questions.

  • What factors are important when we prioritise decommissioning across our estate?
  • What are your views on timing and sequencing of Magnox reactor dismantling?
  • What do you think are the benefits and disadvantages of reusing wastes from remediation or demolition on site for backfilling void and landscaping?
  • What are your views on how we work with stakeholders when Magnox reactor sites enter a period of quiescence (reduced activity)?
  • Should we engage at a regional and/or SLC-based level? How do you think it should work in practice?
  • How can we best measure and report on the impact of our socio-economic activities?
  • What changes in NDA contracting approaches would make the biggest positive impact to encourage innovation?
  • Should the NDA do more to support science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) development at school level as well as our existing activities in further education?
  • Do you agree that the proposed new approach to move towards the development of a single radioactive waste strategy is appropriate and what issues do you think we should address?
  • What are your views on the waste management principles described in this strategy?
  • Do you think that the NDA should plan to store its uranics stocks until such time that recycle routes are viable (which would realise value but could be several decades into the future), or consider earlier disposal (to GDF or alternative routes) which would not realise value but ensure disposition of all the inventory?
  • In your view, should the NDA continue to investigate alternative storage technologies to manage oxide fuels in the long-term, and if so, why?
  • In your view, in the event that not all Magnox fuel can be reprocessed what factors should the NDA consider in deciding how to manage the remaining material?