NuGen begins the off-shore drilling phase of the Site Characterisation works

The Site Characterisation work, which began on-shore in December, will inform the design and layout of the main Moorside Site and will support licensing, planning applications and other consents required to build the new nuclear power station close to the existing Sellafield nuclear complex.

The work will be carried out from a large off-shore rig, operated by our specialist contractor FugroThe first phase of the off-shore drilling work involves drilling 11 boreholes into the seabed, and the collection and testing of geological samples. The first phase of drilling is due to be completed by the end of the summer, with a second phase of off-shore drilling expected to begin in spring/summer 2017.

The work will be done from a large off-shore rig,  visible from the shore, working 24hrs, 7 days a week operated by our specialist contractor Fugro and supported by a number of vessels based in Whitehaven Harbour.

Project Manager for the Site Characterisation Work, Matt Waddicor, said: “The on-shore element of the work is progressing extremely well, with over a third of the boreholes complete.

“Commencing the off-shore drilling aspect of the work is an important milestone for the project. The information we collect during the investigations will help inform the various options available for the cooling water tunnels and Marine Off-loading Facility.”

NuGen’s second stage public consultation on proposals for the Moorside Project begins on May 14th. Details of how you can Have Your Say are available on the Consultation Website: