CNNC confirms involvement in Hinkley C

Chinese nuclear company CNNC has confirmed that it will have an equity stake in the Hinkley Point C new nuclear power station development. When discussions initially started between EDF and the Chinese, CNNC was always clearly a partner alongside the other Chinese nuclear company CGN. However, when the final deal was announced only CGN was a signatory.

Sources close to the companies have told Nuclear Matters that they both always intended to be involved in the Hinkley project and plans to build a Chinese designed Hualong One reactor at Bradwell. The intention being for CGN to take the lead on Hinkley and CNNC on Bradwell. However, the impression had been left that only CGN would be investing at Hinkley.

CNNC has now made it clear that they intend to take a formal equity stake in Hinkley now that the negotiations have been concluded. As Xie Jaijie as senior official at CNNC told the Telegraph, “The final proposal is for the Chinese to take a 33.5pc stake in the project. But this will be a combination of CGN and CNNC. We haven’t yet decided what percentage we are going to invest.”