EDF responds to poll on public support for Hinkley Point C published by The Times

The Times has recently reported that support for Hinkley Point C has drop by 24%. However it now appears that the newspaper, which based their story on EDF’s own polling, only used two polling points showing the highest and lower levels of support, the highest point being in 2013. This disregarded the natural fluctuations reflected by the long term series of polling data that ICM collects monthly for EDF around its nuclear facilities located in the UK, including New Build at Hinkley Point C.
When all the polls are taken into account, they continue to indicate stable levels of support for the Hinkley Point C project, as well as existing nuclear power.
The monthly research by ICM Unlimited also shows that opposition to the project remains limited, with 15-20% of respondents saying they oppose the project. Meanwhile, over 50% of respondents agree they specifically support the project. By regularly monitoring public opinion, EDF Energy is able to take a long-term view and analyse genuine trends from data collected from around 2,000 people on a monthly basis.