Digging the ancient past at Wylfa Newydd

Horizon Nuclear Power has released film footage of its recent archaeological dig across the proposed Wylfa Newydd site – the UK’s largest archaeological survey of its kind.

With the help of ten North Wales businesses, Horizon and heritage specialists, Wessex Archaeology, have been carrying out a first phase of archaeological survey works across the proposed power station site on Anglesey over the past six months. The work is an important – and mandatory – part of Horizon’s progress towards securing planning permission for Wylfa Newydd. It needs to be undertaken now in order to ensure the forthcoming construction phase won’t be disrupted.

Completed last month, the team has released a short film on the project which shows the methods used to carefully assess the ground and then extract from it. The latest in a series of films looking at different aspects of the Wylfa Newydd Project, it is being released ahead of follow-up archaeological work later this year.

Charlie Tasker, site development director for Horizon, said: “Archaeological studies are a really important part of the statutory survey work we’re currently undertaking. Anglesey is rich in cultural heritage, and we’re working closely with the local authority, archaeological specialists and local businesses to ensure we collect accurate and useful information.

“Our latest film invites the viewer to take a closer look at this fascinating part of our Project and understand the scope of the work we need to do to properly assess our proposed site and contribute to the broader understanding of the island’s heritage.”

Chris Parry, general manager, CMP Plant Hire, which supplied excavators and other machinery for the archaeology project from its Brynteg base on the island, said: “We were delighted to be chosen as a subcontractor to help Horizon on this job. It’s been a really interesting piece of work, right here on our doorstep, and we hope there will be more opportunities for our team as the Wylfa Newydd Project goes forward.”

To view Horizon’s archaeology film or to find out more about its proposals more generally visit: