Wales Affairs Select Committee sees a future for nuclear in Wales

The Welsh Affairs Committee has published a report about the future of Nuclear in Wales. The report recognises the potential for developing nuclear projects in Wales, particularly Wylfa and Trawsfynydd and calls for them to benefit local communities with the development of the necessary skills so that local business and workforce can take advantage of the opportunities generated by the projects.

The Committee is satisfied with the industry’s safety and, while recognising the value for money that nuclear power can deliver, it sought reassurance that the Government will ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budgets.

Launching the report the Committee Chair, David TC Davies (Conservative) commented, “We know that proposals for new nuclear power plants cause concern amongst the general public. During this inquiry we have been impressed by the level of scrutiny of nuclear power and are reassured that the highest safety standards are followed. The key questions that need to be answered for future development of nuclear power at Wylfa and Trawsfynydd to be viable centre on value for money and local impact.”

The Committee also supports the development of SMRs and calls on the government to provide an appropriate regulatory environment to ensure their success.

Finally, the Committee recommended that Government speeds up its efforts to find a location for a geological disposal facility to reassure the public that nuclear waste is appropriately dealt with.

Commenting on the report, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the NIA said:  ““The nuclear industry has been a significant part of the Welsh economy creating jobs and prosperity for Wales for over 50 years as the committee’s report makes clear.

“The select committee has highlighted the civil nuclear expertise which already exists in Wales and how future projects will be able to benefit from that knowledge and skill. Wylfa Newydd, being developed by Horizon Nuclear Power on Anglesey, will create thousands of jobs during construction and operation, and is already actively engaging with schools and businesses in Wales to ensure the local communities benefit from the new power station.”