New cooperation for molten salt reactors

Waldeck Consulting have teamed up to help Moltex Energy to develop their innovative technological solution for molten salt reactors. The companies believe that this can lead to safer, cheaper and cleaner nuclear power, which has the potential to transform the global nuclear industry.

UK-based Moltex Energy have combined a major scientific breakthrough with the latest technology to enable the construction of Stable Salt Reactors (SSR). One other significant benefit of Moltex’s SSRs is that they can use low-grade spent uranium fuel cells to generate power; and this cleans up what was waste from old nuclear plants at the same time, removing the need for its deep geological disposal at immense cost. This means that, in theory, the cost of building an SSR to generate energy could be significantly less than that of the current programme for dealing with the UK’s existing spent fuel rods.

Waldeck Consulting, also a UK company, which has developed digital project delivery and lifecycle management solutions for heavy industries (from concept through operation to decommissioning), including those in the nuclear sector. A digital project differs from the traditional project approach in that it comprises 3D models and all associated project data, being correlated, coordinated, configured and housed within a Common Data Environment (CDE). This CDE creates a ‘single source of truth’ which all parties can access permitting the project team in making more informed project based decisions.

Dr Ian Scott, former chief scientist of Unilever and founding partner of Moltex Energy said: “It was a great privilege to introduce Moltex Stable Salt Reactor Technology (SSR) to the Waldeck team and we are delighted to have their strategic and technical support in our UK SSR development project.”

“Our reactors are a ‘now’ project: the SSR uses technology that has been perfected over the past 50 years by the nuclear industry, together with technology already deployed in solar power plants. Coupled with some clever adaptations and our own bespoke 21st Century intellectual property we are able to create a safer, cheaper and cleaner solution to help to meet current and future global energy requirements.”

Waldeck organised a summit to bring together a group of experts and innovators who will work under the Waldeck umbrella to assist Moltex Energy. Waldeck founder and Managing Director, Paul Waldeck, told Nuclear Matters: “We were so pleased to have the opportunity to host the Waldeck and Moltex Energy Seminar which showcased Moltex Energy’s major scientific breakthrough to a forum of such esteemed individuals. It was invaluable to combine this expertise with our own Digital Enterprise Lifecycle Management expertise and capabilities. Moving forward, this group of friends and associates have now been united under the Waldeck umbrella to help Moltex Energy; and they also represent a unified and complementary fit which will enable us to compete with the biggest global consultancies across the whole nuclear spectrum.”

Paul explained: “We recognise that tried and tested experience coupled with 21st century tools for the digitalisation of the nuclear industry will be crucial to the successful construction of nuclear facilities safely, to the necessary standards, and that are delivered on time and on budget: but this is just the start. A nuclear facility is a long term asset, and effective maintenance ensures it remains safe, efficient and commercially viable. Enterprise Lifecycle Management brings a digital approach from the construction phase through to technology that is used throughout the asset’s lifecycle. This ensures significant cost savings and is also vital for efficient and safe decommissioning.”

Dr David Bradbury, ex-chairman of the Nuclear Industry Accociation’s Decommissioning Working Group, who chaired the Summit, said “It has been a long time since I’ve seen such an incredible group of talent gathered in one place and, better still, all of us thoroughly enjoyed the event and really got something stimulating and thought-provoking out of it. It is extremely exciting for us all to be supporting great British innovators like Moltex and Waldeck in any way we can; and the fact that so many industry experts had assembled on their behalf, says an awful lot about those two firms, what they are trying to do, and the calibre of the people involved.”