UK firm to assist Chinese with nuclear decommissioning

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) has signed an agreement with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to help the Chinese firm to learn lessons from UK when it comes to decommissioning their own nuclear facilities. The agreement will allow for JFN to host a team from the Corporation for training and familiarisation as a first step in building future cooperation. The first training session is planned to take place at JFN’s Head Office in November 2016.

Commenting on the agreement, Paul Read, Managing Director of James Fisher Nuclear said, “CNNC has many of the same challenges in decommissioning its legacy facilities as exist in the UK Nuclear sector, and recognises the expertise built up by British companies in safely decommissioning high hazard plants.”

“Our skills in remote handling, manipulation and ROVs have many potential applications in China, and this is the first step to gather a shared understanding of their own challenges in order to assist their decommissioning effort.”

It is expected that the sharing of experience and capability will be a two-way flow with potential benefits being delivered to both the Chinese and UK decommissioning sectors.