NDA looks for problematic waste solutions

The NDA has issued an option paper looking at creating an NDA estate-wide strategy for wastes for which there is currently no available treatment plant or route. Currently these problematic wastes as they are known are dealt with on a site by site basis and in some cases are critical to the clean-up timeline. Therefore, the NDA is looking to develop a strategy for them which will allow economies of scale to reduce the costs and reduce timescales.

The paper suggests 12 credible options that can be used (individually or in combination) to deal with the wastes. These range from leaving it to individual sites to the creation of centralised treatment plants. It also characterises the wastes into 35 different categories including many with conventional as well as radiological hazards such as contaminated asbestos.

The NDA will now consult with the site licence companies and other stakeholders. During next year it will produce two further more detailed papers, one outlining near term options and a second one covering longer term solutions.

The paper can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/557332/Improved_Management_of_Problematic_Radioactive_Waste_Credible_Options.pdf