NuGen launches Moorside film

NuGen has launched a short film entitled ‘This is NuGen’ to help explain their project to build a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria.

The film stars NuGen’s Leanne Hayward, an Environmental Advisor at the Company’s Manchester offices, who talks about why she believes the Moorside Project will “have a positive impact for the UK, and make a difference for mine and future generations to come”.

Leanne has worked for NuGen for just over a year and is one of several young graduates who have joined the team because they want to be part of an exciting growing organisation working on a unique project.

The film is available now on NuGen’s YouTube channel ( and will be shown at a range of events and exhibitions in the coming months.

John McNamara, NuGen’s Head of Corporate Communications, said: “We wanted to produce a short film which gave people an update on our project, but would also give an insight into the enthusiasm and drive within the organisation and why our team are proud to be part of the Moorside Project… I think Leanne has done an outstanding job and exemplifies the energy of the people in NuGen.”