New industrial strategy backs nuclear

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced backing for the nuclear industry in her first industrial strategy. The creation of a government department which has industrial strategy in its title was a very clear signal from the new leadership that the Prime Minister saw a clear role for government in directing the industrial future of the country. The Green Paper (discussion document) launched today clearly indicates that the Government sees the nuclear industry as a vital part of this industrial future.

The document recognises the need to improve the UK skills base in nuclear and to exploit existing expertise in nuclear decommissioning on the world stage. The paper recognises that the Government has a clear role to play in delivering new nuclear as the capital investment required is too large to be delivered by the market in isolation.

Nuclear has also been identified as one of the five key sectors for which it has appointed leaders for early sector deals. Nuclear Industry Association Chairman Lord Hutton has been appointed to lead the work on UK competitiveness and sills in the nuclear sector.

Commenting on the launch of the strategy, Lord Hutton said, “The nuclear sector has great potential to contribute to the UK economy. I look forward to working with the nuclear industry and the Government to develop proposals for this sector as part of the new Industrial Strategy.”