UK ABWR reactor technology approved – Major leap forward for Horizon’s Wylfa Newydd

Horizon Nuclear Power has welcomed the announcement that the UK ABWR has been approved for use in the UK, paving the way for the technology to be built at Horizon’s planned developments on the Isle of Anglesey and in Oldbury-on-Severn.

These projects will create tens of thousands of jobs and ultimately provide more than 5.4GW of clean, secure and affordable electricity, enough to power some 10 million homes.

Approval marks the conclusion of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA), a rigorous technology assessment by the UK regulators. This milestone has been achieved on time, thanks to the proven quality of the ABWR and the close collaboration of the Hitachi-GE, Horizon and GE-Hitachi team.

The Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) also welcomed the confirmation from the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency that they have approved Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe’s UK ABWR reactor design.  Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“The design approval of the UK ABWR is good news for the UK’s new nuclear programme and signals the conclusion of a thorough, rigorous and detailed process by the UK’s independent regulators, widely acknowledged as world class.

“With two thirds of UK power stations closing between 2010 and 2030, this is an important step in providing secure, reliable and low carbon nuclear power for the future, to homes, businesses and public services.

“The nuclear sector already accounts for £400 million of Welsh GDP. Future projects will build on this, creating highly skilled jobs and further economic benefit to the communities in which it will be built.”